Workbench Collection

When something you hold in your hand becomes something you hold in your heart.


Noble Tools

Sometimes the most humble objects can also be the most valuable. Honor mankind’s greatest achievements and also pay tribute to the tools that made them possible.

Cabin Notes

Henry David Thoreau had Walden Pond. Virginia Woolfe and Dylan Thomas had theirs. Abraham Lincoln read by the fire light in his log cabin. Cabins have been and continue to be an important and sacred place for many famous authors and thinkers. And there's no question as to why. The cabin is a sanctuary where you can express yourself clearly.

Legends of the Fall

At a quiet lake, in a quiet forest, lies a legend. A monster who sleeps in the deep den at the edge of a shoal.

Cabin Games

No Roads, Less Travelled.

Paddles, canoes, and kayaks for going off the grid.

Cottage & Cabin Decor

There is an explorer in all of us. A spirit that sends us to a frontier free from the burdens we've left behind. At this place we build something new. We pull ideas from the abstract and forge them in reality. We enhance our focus and project our imagination. This place is your cabin and we've created The Pioneer Collection to honor it.