What if we told you paradise was real? 

A place where you can reconnect and disconnect.

Where every moment is a classic.

Where the spirit of the water is infused with your own.

Fresh. This is Roo Kee Roo.



Growing up in lake country meant having a relationship with the elements. Things like building a fire, drilling holes in the ice, and stacking wood were essential skills that bonded man with nature and one another. Today, we see these traditions not just as craft but as art. In their simplicity, we see beauty. In their function, we see honesty. "Quality" is an overused word. But our meaning of the term is nothing without these foundations.


The name comes from a beast that lurked in the shadows of the forest. Our father warned us about the Roo Kee Roo around the campfire; a legend the French brought to Michigan first known as ‘le Loup des Loups’ or ‘Wolf of Wolves.’ He’d tell us “After sunset he’ll come to eat you! But if you stick together you can defeat the Roo Kee Roo.” Today after nearly 20 years of combined experience in design and illustration, we’ve brought Roo Kee Roo to life by doing exactly that.


Though we both seemingly live far away from the world that inspired us, in our minds we never really left. With Roo Kee Roo, we're already home. This is the experience we want our customers to feel. We hope our work takes you someplace splendid. To a place you thought you lost. A place you didn’t really believe existed anymore but upon your discovery of it you realize it's every bit as magical as you remembered it to be. That’s the adventure we want you to have.