Every moment is a classic.


Bound by quality.

Growing up on the Great Lakes of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula meant doing most things with our hands: fishing, lighting a fire, drilling holes in the ice. This relationship between land and livelihood gave life its allure. So when we started Roo Kee Roo, we brought the same level of rigor and consideration to our products.

Built on togetherness.

The name comes from a beast that lurked in the shadows of the forest. Our father warned us about the Roo Kee Roo around the campfire; a legend the French brought to Michigan first known as ‘le Loup des Loups’ or ‘Wolf of Wolves.’ He’d tell us “After sunset he’ll come to eat you! But if you stick together you can defeat the Roo Kee Roo.” Today after nearly 20 years of combined experience in design and illustration, we’ve brought Roo Kee Roo to life by doing exactly that.

Designed for the cottage.

Roo Kee Roo is our way of sharing the often overlooked elements of a pure and simple life on the water.




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