Canoe Card

Cabin Cottage Decor Greeting Card Canoe
Cabin Cottage Decor Greeting Card Canoe

Canoe Card

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So many of our summers growing up were spent in a canoe. We'd be paddling downstream, portaging or fishing in Canada's Lake Superior Provincial Park. Sometimes all you'd hear was the water against the side, and the occasional call of a loon.

This pure and simple experience is what inspired our Canoe greeting card. It's iconic shape and elegant craftsmanship are brought to life in the fine details of the illustration. The result: canoe stationery beautifully designed for any occasion.

– Size: 3.5x5 inch folded notecard
– Bundles: Single, 6-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack
– Paper: matte finish
– Envelope: matte
sea foam

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