'Blockhouse' Print Set


'Blockhouse' Print Set

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At the end of the point stood the Blockhouse. Hidden from the water by a blanket of trees, it fell into a deep slumber while it waited for ships to appear on the horizon. Soon it would be dark but for now the sun came eye-to-eye with the garrison’s stone face.

These illustrations are part of The Workbench Collection, a colorful series of iconized objects from Roo Kee Roo. Our father's workbench was full of weathered, useful tools but to us they were much more. To us, they were treasures and artifacts from an honest way of life. That life was forged from the land with real tools held in one's hand.

These prints are an open edition and individually numbered.

Paper: Archival-quality; acid-free; 235 GSM; matte
Ink: K3 pigment-based
Frames: Our 5” x 7” & 8.5” x 11” frames are made for Roo Kee Roo in the United States. Our 13” x 19” frames are produced by the fine folks at Simply Framed and also crafted domestically. For this size, please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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